Additional Needs Training Information and Support

Additional Needs Training Information and Support

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ANTIS was formed in 2015 with the aims of increasing the amount of training and information available to parents and professionals caring for or working with people with additional needs. ANTIS aims to make these services easily accessible, which will increase the level of skilled support available to people with additional needs and their families.

Our Services

ANTIS can work with professionals and parents to develop their skills and knowledge in order to facilitate better support and services for people with additional needs.


We aim to provide training aimed at parents and professionals and helping them to develop their skills and knowledge. We run training events and can deliver bespoke training.


We aim to publish information about a variety of different aspects of living, working and caring for someone with additional needs.


We aim to provide opportunities for professionals to network and to share their experiences and help develop local interventions where all services work together.


We aim to provide support for people with addtional needs by increasing the knowlege and skills of those who care for, live with, educate and support them.


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