Additional Needs Training Information and Support

Fundraising for ANTIS

We always welcome people fundraising for ANTIS through various different events.  If you can, why not organise a non-uniform day, a cake sale, or do a personal challenge.  We are entirely reliant on donations from the general public to run our services.  We need to raise a reasonable amount of money each year in order to be able to keep our services low cost, so that parents and professionals accessing our services do not have to worry about not being able to pay.  We have been told by many professionals locally that they are unable to access training that costs money as their departments are unable to pay for it.  This means they do not have access to training on various aspects of additional needs – which is not good for the children they educate!!

ANTIS aims to keep the training we provide as low cost (and free if possible) so that no one misses out on the vital information we provide.  We hope that some people who come to our training events might consider holding non-uniform days, cake sales or similar in their place of work, so that we can use this money donated to start planning our next training event.

The amount of training we can provide is directly related to the amount of money we are able to fundraise.  Please do consider running a fundraising event if you can.  It will really benefit children with additional needs locally.

If you run a fundraising event we will send you a certificate to say thank you.  We really appreciate all donations to us.  Thank you to all you super fundraisers.