Additional Needs Training Information and Support


ANTIS can provide various different options on training dependent on your needs.

Training we can offer

We can currently offer:

Assemblies for schools

We can do assemblies for infant and junior schools based to promote inclusion and explain disability.  We are also able to help the children understand different conditions and how they can help friends with disabilities.

Inclusion for schools

We can come into an inset day or a twilight session and help explain what a school can do to be an inclusive environment.  Sometimes getting a child with severe SEN can be daunting for schools, and we can help you think through your provision and how you can adapt it to include children with additional needs you may have.

Parental perspectives for schools

Sometime it can be helpful to understand some of the struggles parents face caring for a child with additional needs.  We can help you understand the parental perspective and what you as a school can do to help support parents as well as the child with additional needs.

Introduction to the learning profile of Down’s syndrome

Many children with Down’s syndrome have a similar learning profile, and this introduction aims to highlight the way children with Down’s syndrome often learn.  We will look at barriers to learning for children with Down’s syndrome, and what strategies can be used individually, as well as at classroom and whole school level to maximise learning.

To arrange training

To arrange training please contact to discuss your requirements.  We may also be able to offer bespoke training depending on your needs.  We try to keep our costs as low as possible, but please do contact us if funding is an issue – we may be able to help.