Additional Needs Training Information and Support

Welcome to ANTIS

Welcome to our new look ANTIS website.  We are a small organisation based in West Yorkshire, not only hoping to bridge the gap between professionals and people with additional needs and their parent/carers, but also to provide a wide range of training that isn’t available elsewhere.  We have done lots of work for other charities in the past, and now comes the time to set up something new so we can broaden our horizons and do more work both locally and further afield.

We are hoping to be able to build on experience we have gained in organising training events for other charities, and be able to provide training for various different professions at low cost.  We are already starting the process of organising training for schools and early years settings, locally in different intervention techniques for children with additional needs.  In the pipeline is also resources on how to make your school an inclusive environment for all children.  From November, we hope to be able to provide training for medical professionals particularly in advice on giving a diagnosis, and supporting parents of newborns, and parental perspectives of having a child with additional needs.  We also have experience working with NHS trusts to develop pathways for children with additional needs and are able to make sure they are accessible to parents and meet the needs of the patients and their families.  Excitingly, we have big plans to run a development group for children with additional needs in the early years, although this is still an idea which is in development.

We are a small organisation, with big plans.  This website is the first step in our journey, which we hope to build on so that people who work or live with people with additional needs are able to help the person achieve their full potential.