Additional Needs Training Information and Support


We’re almost there!  We are well on the way to setting ourselves up a bank account and as soon as we have you will be able to donate direct from this page.

All our donations are used to pay for training or information, and we are very grateful for all that we receive.  We would love to send you a thank you for your donation.  Make sure to include your contact details if you want us to thank you personally or want further information about us.  If you would like to donate anonymously, then please can we take this opportunity to thank you very much for choosing to donate to ANTIS.

Whether the amount you wish to donate is large or small, we are ever so thankful for all that we receive.   Because of your kind donations we are able to organise the training events, and those living and working with people with additional needs will have access to the training and information they so need, to be able to work towards the best outcomes.  It is from the kindness of strangers that our organisation is able to exist.

Thank you so much for your support.