Additional Needs Training Information and Support


ANTIS can work with you to help you build that bridge between professional and service user.  We can offer a variety of services for professionals to meet your needs.

Training services for professionals

We can deliver a variety of training to you in your place of work.  This ranges from inclusion in schools, to giving a diagnosis to the parents of newborns.  We also organise various training events throughout the year which are advertised in our training section.  Please see our training section for more information.

Services for Schools

We can work with schools to help them create an inclusive environment for children with additional needs.  We can do assemblies for the children on topics such as Down’s syndrome, autism, or disability in general.

Services for the NHS

We have experience developing pathways for medical conditions made in conjunction with NHS trusts.  We can give that added perspective that professionals themselves aren’t always able to see.

From winter 2015, we also hope to be able to deliver a training package around diagnosis giving at birth, and supporting parents through this difficult time.  We hope to be able to do this either as part of a training session, during a junior doctor induction or at some other time that suits your needs.

Donations for our services

We do not charge for our services, but ask that you make a donation towards our work if you can, though we recognise this may not always be possible.  Alternatively why not organise a non-uniform day, cake bake or other fundraising event in your place of work?  These small donations are really valuable to help us continue our work and help us to grow to be able to deliver more training at low cost (or even free) in the future.