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Introduction to Educating Children with Down’s Syndrome

2 day course – 25th May, Date in October TBC

This course will discuss the barriers to learning for children with Down’s syndrome, strategies that can be used to minimise these barriers and incorporate the evidence based Reading and Language Intervention (RLI) developed by Down Syndrome Education.  Attendees who complete both days training will receive a certificate of completion of the RLI course.

Day 1 25th May 9-3 Greywood Hall

Session 1: What does the SEN Code of Practice tell us about educating children with Down’s syndrome?

Session 2: What are the barriers for learning for children with Down’s syndrome? (Cognition and Learning; Communication and Interaction; Social, emotional and mental health; Sensory and/or physical)

Session 3: What strategies can we use to overcome barriers to learning?

Session 4: Introduction to Reading and Language Intervention

Session 5: Delivering the language strand

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Day 2 October (date TBC)

Session 1: Feedback on the language strand

Session 2: Delivering the reading strand

Session 3: Further developing phonics

Session 4: Further developing reading comprehension