Additional Needs Training Information and Support


Parenting a child with additional needs can be tough at times.  What makes it even more challenging is the lack of information and training available to you and to others who care for your child.  Children often start school with teaching staff unable to access training on how to best engage and teach them.

Here at ANTIS we aim to make training available to both parents and professionals so everyone has the most up to date information to work together for the best outcomes of the child.  Details of our training can be found on our Training page.

ANTIS is able to go into schools and help staff understand some of the things they don’t understand as they are not parents of children with additional needs.  Simple things like getting a communication book right, can do a lot for increasing parents confidence in schools.  There are a lot more simple things that schools can be doing that they are unaware of.  We are also in the process of writing a resource for schools to help them understand the persepectives of parents with additional needs, which we hope will be available in 2016.

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